The Winter Park Kappa League Host Kappa League C.A.N Photo

Determining a career path can be a very difficult decision. More difficult that than can be how to get there when you determine what you would like to do. Realizing the difficulties with both, the Winter Park Kappa League partnered with the Central Florida African American Chamber of Commerce and hosted the Kappa League C.A.N Series. Kappa League C.A.N which stands for career and networking is a forum that brings together middle and high school students with professionals that serve on a panel to discuss college, careers, and keys to success.

The panel moderated by Winter Park Alumni Chapter brother and WESH 2 news anchor, Stewart Moore had an array of professionals from different backgrounds. The panel consisted of Ms. Summer Knowles also a WESH 2 news anchor. It also had entrepreneur and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brother, Cameron Saulsby along with Ms. Roberta Walton with the Orange County Clerk of courts office and Mr. Olivier Guerin the branch manager for Central Florida branches of Charles Schwab & Co. All the panelist were very candid about what brought them to their current careers and some of the missteps they may have experienced along the way. The audience which consisted of the ladies of the Charmettes and Rhoers club in addition to the young men of the Orlando Kappa League who also came out to support the Winter Park Kappa League were very engaged. After Mr. Moore started off the discussion with the pertinent question, “what is your typical day like?”, the young people asked question that ranged from “how did you choose this career?” to “what is the favorite story that you’ve covered?”

After the discussion ended, the panelist were gracious enough to stay and field additional questions from the young men and women present. They provided great advice and direction for the young people to take away. There was great feedback from those involved and the members of the Winter Park Kappa League Advisory Committee were pleased with the impact it had on the youth. Kappa League Advisor Anthony Stepney stated, “we engage members of the community from local businesses to share their knowledge and experience to support our most valuable asset, our young people. In turn, we make sure young people are informed and better prepared as they embark upon the next chapter in their career and educational pursuits.” Thanks to great panelist and a willing and open audience, they were able to do just that.