DITR4A Diamond in the Rough-The ability to see the potential of greatness and exceptional qualities in the unexpected.

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH is Kappa Alpha Psi’s national campaign to promote the academic, social and service based Achievements of young men of color. It is an aggressive counter to the negative stereotypical images that have generalized and stigmatized young males for decades and provides a strong argument that throughout this country exists thousands of young men of color that are achieving in Every Field of Human Endeavor.

The purpose of the DITR Institute is to provide Kappa Leaguers with access to information and resources regarding colleges, scholarships and career preparation. The DITR Institute also offers Kappa Leaguers the opportunity to take online enrichment courses, workshops and participate in virtual activities.

“The time has come for Kappa Alpha Psi to take a more central role in the plight of college bound African American and Latino boys. The Diamonds in the Rough initiative will expose young men across the nation to an intense college preparatory and scholarship access program. By investing time, support and resources into our Guide Right programs, we can positively impact and changes the lives of the young Black males we serve.” 
                                                                                      -William “Randy” Bates, Esq.-32nd Grand Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.